Be Remembered

I’m often asked by friends and those who see me around why I wear suits so often just for the hell of it and my initial inclination is to remind is them that the question answers itself: just for the hell of it.  Now I will admit that that is what you might call the SparkNotes version of the answer that I technically should dish out but unless you’re ready to give a lecture and like to see the ears of a curious inquirer bleed, it’s better to have a short and satisfying (though maybe slightly untruthful) little quip to appease those who ask.

Sir Paul Smith, sartorial great and creative genius, essentially described the process of discovering one’s personal style as a process of self-assessment and questioning.  In simpler language, we call this a pain in the ass but we always hate to admit that a pain in the ass is usually for our own good.  At any rate, Sir Paul is right.  Growing up, I was told by some pretty stylish people (my family no less) that style was a means of setting impressions.  Take that advice a step further and style becomes a badge of identity.  Work it and tweak it enough and your style becomes you.  Style, when done correctly is a life-long declaration of who you are.  Who you are is not exactly something you want to be unclear about or create some kind of misconception over.  Be clear on your style and be sure it’s you.

I’ve always preferred the word “style” as opposed to “fashion” Style is from you, for you and something that is, dare I say, soulful.  Another thing I love about the idea of style is that there is a timeless quality to it (when done properly).  Guys like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and any of boys from the Rat Pack would still look great today because there was little about their style that was truly dated.  Furthermore, these men dressed in a way that was reflective of themselves and you can easily see what kind of man each of them were.

So are the suits still just for the hell of it?  O.K., I’ll admit I’m not being totally honest when I say that.  Similar to what I’ve been preaching here so far, the suit is meant to tell you who I am and to make damn sure you remember it.  Be remembered.  Isn’t that always the game?

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