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Man Jewelry – *Ahem* – (Wrist-Pieces)

For most guys, the personal jewelry collection is limited to a few watches and… well that’s it.  (MAYBE that skull and crossbones necklace that you got a few years back when you were rocking Ed Hardy. -> Please say “no”).  Men have embraced other means to wear jewelry and still be masculine and show-off individual [...]

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Gilt-y Pleasure, Summer Deals

One of my favorite things to do at 12:00pm (noon), besides working *ahem*, is to check out Gilt Groupe. Founded by Kevin Ryan, the genius behind DoubleClick, Gilt Groupe puts the fun and spontaneity back in the shopping experience. Everyday at 12:00pm, Gilt launches a stream of sales for men, women, kids, food (Gilt Taste), [...]

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Urban Outfitters – WOW

Drove past an Urban Outfitters on Ponce de Leon blvd in Atlanta and after eating a delicious and very affordable lunch at Einstein’s downtown, I resolved that l had to stop in. I haven’t been to an Urban Outfitters in a very long time so I thought I’d treat myself. I have to say that [...]

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Alexander McQueen

To be or not to be Trendy? Questions and maybe some answers…

  So the fashion world is tasked with defining and promoting what is trendy, which the rest of us watch in awe and make our weekly pilgrimage to the malls and stores to obtain our piece of the pie.  Interestingly enough, these trends that are rolled out in uber fashion shows and runways at the [...]

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Dsquared SP2011

Spring/Summer Looks (Part 2)

Ok, we picked some designers who had a few of our favorite spring/summer looks to give you a brief idea of some business appropriate/work-week wear.  What about those off times?  Here are some of our favorite casual and even fun looks to fit your weekend and night out, like this double-breast, knit tie combo from [...]

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Canali SP2011

Spring/Summer Looks (Part 1)

You’re always thinking/planning ahead in the fashion industry.  (That’s why you see shorts and polos in your favorite stores right after Christmas).  So yeah we are interested in the Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collections that just showed/are showing in New York, Milan and Paris, but we want to make sure that you are prepped for the Spring [...]

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