Man Jewelry – *Ahem* – (Wrist-Pieces)

For most guys, the personal jewelry collection is limited to a few watches and… well that’s it.  (MAYBE that skull and crossbones necklace that you got a few years back when you were rocking Ed Hardy. -> Please say “no”).  Men have embraced other means to wear jewelry and still be masculine and show-off individual style.  Welcome to the new bracelet.  Although not so “new” now, the bracelet is a huge hit for many guys who want to give a little “oomph” to their personal style.

Available through a variety of designers (some of my favorites are the ones by Burkman Bros, who Kanye West unashamedly sported at Coachella this year), the wrist-piece is usually made from hemp, yarn, leather, and rope.


My absolute favorite, and probably a little more “dressy”, is this black onyx David Yurman bracelet (drools).

I like how you can sport these with jeans and a tee, or even a suit to show some individuality and non-comformist defiance.

Check out this NYtimes article highlighting the trend.  Oh, and notice how we used “wrist-piece”, instead of jewelry.  If your manhood is compromised, you’ll gain it back this way.

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