The Essence of Cool…

People ask me all the time about fashion and what makes great style. Much of the time I find that I answer in musical terms. No, no, no, it’s not what you think. I don’t respond with humming a song from the top 40 or belting out something crazy, but I do make reference to the way great style has a musical component to it. Think about the last fashion forward or sartorial laced ensemble you checked out and I’m sure there was a song or musical genre that popped into your head. Fashion shows aren’t set to music just to keep the style icons awake. Well maybe, but the idea here is to understand that great style often takes it’s cues from both timeless musical icons (Miles Davis, The Beatles, The Ramones, etc.) and local bands you can find at any dive near your zip code.  The reason music and fashion are so closely related is that each is borne of the same foundation; individual expression.

As you can find on any of our blogs, individual style and expression are paramount to nailing the perfect look. Regardless of your musical preferences, take care to listen to the sounds of your favorite outfit or that great look you spot on the street.


If pulling together a classic look is a challenge, you may be best served in expanding both your fashion and musical horizons. Music often serves as the inspiration for many a fashion icon and surprisingly, they happen to get it right on this one. Style icons rarely have anything in common with the rest of us, but most will concede that music plays a major role in their fashion decisions. Happy Listening!


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