The Little Black…Blazer?

Yes, you are in the right place and no, there are no typos here.  Our female counterparts have managed to pull off amazing style on their own for many, many generations.  The lesson here is to take what we can and make it our own.  The good news is we have, and not only are we doing well, but we are truly on to something here.  That something happens to be the Black Fitted Blazer.  Attention, Attention…This is a staple, so listen carefully.

Just as the crisp white shirt, fitted trouser, and brown brogue should already be in your wardrobe, the black blazer is classic, as it is timeless.  Any tailor can ensure you leave with the proper fit, but the “when” to wear and “how” to wear it is just as important.  There are multiple options that will keep you in compliance all year-round with velvet, corduroy, and cotton options.  Not only do you have several fabrics to choose from, but the style of the jacket will also lend to the versatility as you can toy around with the vents (side or single…Yes it should be vented) pockets, buttons (one or two), and the lapels (notch, peak, etc.)

Another area you’ll want to pay close attention to is the sleeve of the jacket.  With this fashion excursion, make sure the sleeves are slim fitting (Again, your tailor will know what to do) and slightly shorter than your average business suit.  Why you ask?  Because we are the experts and we know what we’re talking about…No, but seriously.  The fit should be slim and showing a little cuff on your favorite shirt is highly encouraged.  As versatility goes, feel free to pair with denim in multiple washes (White is always a good choice) and t-shirts or collars complete the look.   In earlier posts you may remember me making reference to the “cool factor”, and this is one of those opportunities to turn the volume all the way up…

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