To be or not to be Trendy? Questions and maybe some answers…


So the fashion world is tasked with defining and promoting what is trendy, which the rest of us watch in awe and make our weekly pilgrimage to the malls and stores to obtain our piece of the pie.  Interestingly enough, these trends that are rolled out in uber fashion shows and runways at the start of the Spring and Fall seasons, actually stem from everyday folks expressing themselves fashionably all around the world.

Yep, it’s you and me that drive these looks when we make an adjustment here or experiment with something there that inspire designers and make the fashion houses take notice.  Considering this, it begs the question that if fashion and style is about being yourself and focusing on what makes you unique; should we really try to be trendy.

These beautiful high fashion photos of amazing threads from fabulous designers should not only inspire and motivate us, but nevertheless don’t forget the pat on the back because again, the true inspiration comes from you!


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