Urban Outfitters – WOW

Drove past an Urban Outfitters on Ponce de Leon blvd in Atlanta and after eating a delicious and very affordable lunch at Einstein’s downtown, I resolved that l had to stop in. I haven’t been to an Urban Outfitters in a very long time so I thought I’d treat myself. I have to say that this was one of THE BEST UrbOut’s that I’ve been to. The floor set was amazing and the displays beckoned shoppers to “BUY ME!”. Awesome selection of vintage wear (a grey Members Only jacket for about $80), a HUGE selection of cotton and cotton blend shorts and tees for the summer, and a plethora of books and knick-knacks for the collector enthusiast. Beats from Santogold to Feist to Phoenix played in the background and reminded me of how much more I prefer the underground and unchartered than mainstream.

I left with a few BDG. tees and ordered a few other items that they didn’t have in stock. Seamless and flawless.

If you’ve passed by Urban Outfitters once or twice this season, I think now’s a good time for a second look!






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